E.C.A became the owner of Super brand Award in Superbrands 2012.

E.C.A became the owner of Super brand Award in Superbrands 2012.


E.C.A. became the owner of the Super Brand Award in Superbrands Turkey 2012, which was organized for the fourth time this year.

Results of Superbrands Turkey 2012 research, which was held for the fourth time in Turkey, were announced with a glorious ceremony held in Esma Sultan Mansion. In line with these results, Turkish brands in Superbrands Turkey 2012 list were awarded. Drawing attention with its long years of experience in the sector, E.C.A. was selected as Super Brand and gained the right to use Superbrands logo for two years. Chairman of the Elginkan Foundation, Gaye Akçen accepted the reward.

159 brands, which are determined by Superbrands Turkey Selection Board and Nielsen Research Company, were selected among 1089 companies by considering company size as well as technology of companies, investments they make in techniques and branding, their environmental sensitivity, brand standing, social responsibility projects, compliance with ethical values, manpower quality and tax ranking.

Superbrands International Chairman Stephen Smith, who gave the opening speech of the ceremony, said: "Turkey is has a sensational image in global economic life in recent years. Turkish businessmen must proudly emphasize that their brands and Turkish and continue opening to the world rapidly', and expressed the power and success of Turkish brands.