ECA Elginkan Primary School


Opening ceremony of E.C.A. Elginkan Primary School, which re-built and fully equipped by the Elginkan Foundation, was organized in October 14 2010 with the participation of Governor of İstanbul Mr. Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, District Governor of Maltepe Mr. Ahmet Okur, İstanbul Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Dr. Muammer Yıldız, Maltepe Mayor Mr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Zengin and Maltepe District Director of National Education Ferşat Ayar.

E.C.A. Elginkan Primary School has 32 classrooms and a capacity of 1152 students in a single schooling, and there are is a 3 classroom kindergarten section composed of 1 activity room, 1 kitchen and shared area within this classrooms. Moreover, E.C.A. Elginkan Primary School is composed of private education class, conference hall, multi-purpose hall, technology design class, computer laboratory, science laboratory, painting and music classrooms, gymnastics room, study project room, handcraft classroom, library and administrative units.

Furnishing, environmental planning and laboratory equipment of the school, which cost approximately 5.3 million TL, are provided and the school started education in September 20 2010.