Design Turkey

E.C.A.'s new boiler Scot was awarded the "Good Design Award" by the Design Turkey jury within the scope of Design Week Turkey events.

E.C.A. Scot combi; That considers user's needs in Turkey, exports and value-added products in the national market and rewarding good design confers competitive advantage, was awarded the scope held a design evaluation system that Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards for the best designed products in order to make visible the benefits to society and industry. 30 years for over operating in the heating sector E.C.A., a new full condensing premix boiler scoter (Secure Combustion Technology) as the first domestic production in Turkey Proud of implementation, taken by the Scot combi "Good Design Award" has topped the pride of the half.

In addition to its aesthetic design, the Scot combi boiler provides easy use for users of all ages with its well-defined push and turn buttons and a simple user interface. With the ECO mode that saves fuel for the heating circuit and the COMFORT mode that records consumer habits for domestic water, it offers the user economical and comfortable usage options at the touch of a button. The Scot combi boiler, which is both environmentally and user-friendly with its automatic calibrations at certain periods and continuous high efficiency burning, provides ideal combustion without being affected by gas quality changes thanks to the Gas Adaptive System. The Scot combi boiler, which works very quietly with its softstart feature, does not need gas adjustment with its automatic calibration feature. In this way, it prevents the mistakes that the service can make in the field and reduces the service time and cost.

Scot combi E.C.A. When used with the Smart Room Thermostat, it enables the temperature of the house to be adjusted from a mobile phone or computer, and with these features, it saves up to 30% in natural gas consumption. E.C.A. with advanced parameter menu. With this advanced menu, the Scot combi boiler allows the use of Ø60 / 100 concentric chimneys up to 13 meters horizontally by changing the fan speed and increasing the chimney length.